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When I’m not writing about food, I’m teaching about food. When I’m done teaching, you might find me on one of Ohio’s small family farms or at a local farmers market discovering all I can about locally grown and raised food. At the end of the day when it’s time to enjoy fresh, homegrown food from my garden or a nearby farm, you’ll likely find me sharing it in the company of family and friends.

I’m Marilou Suszko, journalist, foodwriter, author, culinary educator, 
and frequent guest speaker.

My career has revolved around food for more than twenty-five years but my most valuable experience comes from a lifetime of enjoying wonderful food. While its purpose is to nourish us, food is about so much more.

Food defines my family’s traditions and has shaped numerous celebrations from birthdays and weddings to holidays and casual gatherings. I’ve found that a shared taste can launch a pleasant conversation with a stranger or can be the spark that creates a fast and lasting friendship. Food constantly puts me in the company of Ohio’s farmers, growers, and producers who deliver the best and freshest food we can put on our daily table as well as provide some of the most interesting stories to share as well.

My work constantly puts me in the path of great food. Cooking and eating are the necessary research that supplies constant and delicious inspiration for writing books and stories, developing new recipes, creating new ways to teach someone about cooking, or pointing people to great food finds in their own community.

I’m glad you are visiting my website today and invite you to check back often. While you’re here, check out my appearances to find out where I will be teaching, talking, cooking, and eating great food next!

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