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The Locavore's Kitchen
A Cook's Guide to Seasonal Eating and Preserving
2011 Swallow Press, Ohio University Press, OH
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More and more Americans are looking for ways to become more of a “locavore,” someone who seeks out locally grown or produced foods for their freshness, distinctive flavor, and seasonal appeal—qualities only the local harvest can deliver. The Locavore’s Kitchen invites and encourages readers to use and savor homegrown foods from the home garden, the farm stand down the road, or community farmers’ markets.

In more than 200 recipes that highlight seasonal flavors, Suszko inspires cooks and offers ways to keep local flavors in the kitchen year round. From asparagus in the spring to pumpkins in the fall, Suszko explains what to look for when buying locally grown foods, how to store fresh foods, and ways to prepare them to bring out fresh, genuine flavors and colors. Enjoy tips and techniques for extending the best the season offers plus detailed instruction on canning, freezing, and dehydrating and how to preserve the tastes and textures of local produce long after the harvest is over. The Locavore’s Kitchen is an invaluable reference for discovering the delicious world of fresh, local, and seasonal foods.

Read the introduction and an excerpt from the chapter Spring.

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Reviews & kind words…

“A homey, chatty text seamlessly incorporates more than 200 recipes in this book promoting using the freshest locally available ingredients that are in season and preserving them by freezing and canning for use when they aren’t in season. . . . An even-handed guide to preparing and devouring what’s in season.”
– Booklist

“Riding the crest of ever-evolving food trends takes some real ingenuity. This carefully configured cookbook manages to chart the course in an unexpectedly old-fashioned way. For those not in the know, locavore is a newly minted word used to loosely describe one who purchases and eats foodstuffs grown, raised and produced exclusively within a 100-mile radius of home. It’s a pretty tall order, one within the expertise of food-savvy Suszko. In her hands, it’s just a palate-pleasing turnaround from making do with supermarket food from anywhere to preparing, eating and preserving unadulterated local fare, season by season, as our ancestors did.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“(Suszko) comforts us by reminding us that leading a locavore-inspired life is not a new fad, picked up at the store, but an old rhythm we know in our bones and have returned to, one by one, as we each decide to harvest, cook and preserve foods grown locally, season by season.”
– Edible Columbus

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